Ladies like titles — which is how we are. Whether we want to be someone’s “girlfriend” in middle school and twelfth grade, a “fiancé” inside our 20s or “wife” within our 30s, girls choose to understand in which they stand. That is why — enjoy it or perhaps not — we’re going to most likely check your fb profile unless you replace your standing to “in a relationship.”

In case you are in a relationship with a lady call at the “real world,” you then should really be in a relationship within the “Facebook world.” This might look absurd and trivial to you, but to a female it means that you are comfortable advising friends and family, household, work colleagues, ex-girlfriends and the person who else is available in your Facebook existence that the both of you are a special object. Thus carry out yourself a favor and avoid some grief by updating your union position currently. It is simply a couple of clicks of this mouse and you will have a tremendously delighted “in a relationship.”

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