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Windows 10 PC Build 64bit ISO file Download.

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Windows 10 build now ready for download on the Fast ring. Windows 10 build rolls out to Insiders with a few number of improvements. With the key you can enjoy the Windows 10 version Build – which has released today and you can download free with the following guide! Free download windows 10 mobile build screenshots leak reveal vectors files in format ✓ Premium quality ✓ Free for commercial.


Download windows 10 build 10162 free. Windows 10 build 10162 now ready for download on the Fast ring


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It’s built to deliver fast, comprehensive news, in-short feature stories and reviews that bridge the gap between criticism and buying advice. Follow Wolftricks Connect With US. All rights reserved. Click here to Download Windows 10 Build Windows 10 Build Download. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is now stable and ready for the launch on July 29, About Techtiplib – Hey, this blog belongs to me! I am the founder of TechTipLib and managing editor right now.

And I love to hear what do you think about this article, leave comment below! Thank you so much Nevermind, I’ll download again using link provided on the link below this article. You’re right, I just updated the post to reflect the correct information. Overall quality is good but why are the Microsoft Universal apps so crippled? News app won’t share or allow any real customization as the 8. Mail app won’t empty folders, mark email as junk, or show up in the share menu.

I don’t get it. It is almost as though Microsoft is deliberately killing their own apps. Yeah, I don’t quite understand this either. Windows 8. Frustrating, but not a deal breaker to me. I hope once the OS is released they will add back the functionality to the Universal Apps. It’s easier to hunt for bugs in limited code. All I want is a new Enterprise build. I am using Enterprise.

It seems pretty good. But how? Where can i find a link to Enterprise ESD? Just when I thought Windows 10 was ready. Final slow ring build before RTM? I would say most definitely. Installing the x64 ISO right now! Damn the new ISO still wont install on my Pro 3. Crashes then rolls back. It’s been doing the same thing with the previous two ISO’s.

I hope they get it fixed in the next 3 weeks. For x64, sometimes you might require more than 20GB free space for setup to proceed. You can clean all the old files and setup files using the disk cleanup utility after upgrading. Older builds weren’t installing for me until I’ve cleaned 70! GB of space on C.

What’s an ISO? Would someone mind explaining that? Think of it as a virtal DVD. Your computer treats the. ISO like an actual instalation disk. So it is actually easier to deal with a lot of the time. Thank you for explaining. Except that you can’t boot the computer from the ISO file. But you don’t have to boot from USB to install the build right?

I’ve been installing new builds from ISOs while my device was powered on and haven’t experienced any problems. Via USB, option of clean install. I always prefer to do a clean install, upgrades slow down my PC. Am I the only one? I’m with you on this one. Don’t mind to do clean install each time new build is out on ISO. Although you’re right in a way, I haven’t noticed any performance drop when doing an in-place upgrade.

I’ve noticed some slowdown, but I think that’s to be expected with pre-release software. There’s probably still some debug code in there, and drivers that aren’t finalized.

I’ll do a clean install from ISO once the official release is out. Gives me the opportunity to swap out my hard drive for a brand new SSD! No, I always do clean installs too. Do disk cleanup and defragment and it should run the same as an ISO essentially. I hope some of those UI polishes include redesigning the volume drop down from Windows 8.

Also, if you install from an ISO, is that a clean install? Or is it only a clean install if you don’t keep any of your programs, because mine all stayed. Then you performed an upgrade. During the setup process, you’re asked if you want to upgrade or perform a clean install. To do a clean install you can to make sure to delete the previous partition and then continue with the installation.

After a clean install, you should not see anything from the previous installation For me a clean install always involves formatting the C drive where I’m installing the system.

That’s generally what a clean install is :p. Interestingly the win10 now says. Windows 10 Available early August. Still not liking that hero background, it’s off centre and not flat like everything else on Windows.

Glad to see this. I finally installed the TP on my main PC, but it hasn’t been able to find the update from So can one pin tiles to the desktop? Or if not, what is the desktop used for in W10? No tiles on the desktop but you can still put shortcuts and files there just like any other version of windows.

Wonder if it will look like an ugly hotspodge between W7 and W8 then.. In fact I have always thought that the start menu shouldn’t include the tiles, and instead the tiles should occupy the desktop. What’s the point of live tiles if you can’t see them other than going to the start menu?

Perhaps I am missing something. Anyway, I have not tried W10 so I should hold my judgement. Try it first, in a virtual machine. Also you can completely unpin the tiles from the new start menu. Or use something like classic shell if that doesn’t work for you. However, seems like a stunning, almost inexplicable decision and a waste to hide all live tiles under the start menu.. Is there really no way to have some of the permanently visible on the desktop?

Imagine e. I hope I am just missing something here. It takes one button press to get to the start menu so its not much of an issue. Yes, I know its only one button press. Not much of a live tile if its really live unless you call it. It would seem that Microsoft would develop on version of Windows 10 that would allow you to operate in PC Laptop or Tablet any touchscreen device that would automatically switch to the Tiles screen when switched to Tablet mode.

I don’t have any touchscreen devices or tablets so I wouldn’t know how to go about testing this theory. Can’t pin apps to the Start Screen. It did work for a while, then all of a sudden stopped executing the actual pinning to the Start Screen. Apps, Folders, Shortcuts. Also, when logged into computer using MS account rather than local account now required with Win 10 and a serious privacy risk Cannot access other computers on LAN via Workgroups.

They are finally putting the “fast” in fast ring. Cant wait for windows phone to get this much attention. Are they going to completely remove the control panel yet? Er no, not really. If it was more touch centric like Windows 8, then it would have made more sense. But I can see them slowly migrating away from the control panel and removing it in the home version, just like you can’t defer updates.

Then they could make a settings app with an advanced button. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.


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