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May 18,  · XNALara – 3D posing software, free of charge, primarily for Tomb Raider: Underworld model. The first model was Lara Croft, wearing her “jungle shorts”. XPS – XNA Model Viewer and 3D posing software based on XNALara, for any 3D character. Jul 23,  · Download XNALara for free. XNALara – 3D posing software, primarily for Tomb Raider: Underworld models5/5. Aug 01,  · XNAlara wont even open at all and prompt to Ive tried running as administrator, running in compatibility mode, redownloading XNALara. At a total loss here. Could it be because I am using a 32 bit version of Windows 10?


XNALara / XNA Posing Studio XPS — 4 Anniversary Edition


Go to Solution. Hi bayoughozt! Did you try upgrading to Win11? How was it? And what XPS model you have? Thank you so much! I’m still waiting for the update, too. XPS 13 My budget ACER laptop got the update almost immediately after release. I don’t understand why it’s taking so long for the Dell. I havent been offered the upgrade yet. My xps 13 tells me there is a safeguard hold on it. But I cant find the issue causing the hold. I’ve been using it since day one on this machine, and it’s fine.

There were initial issues with Killer WiFi 6, but that’s been fixed since. I see also some of the ‘s now come with Win 11 by default, so it must be available now as a stock installation. Anyone using XPS 13 2-in1 late here? And are there issues?

I’m on Win 10 Pro and planning to upgrade to Win But, since I use this laptop for everyday work, I’m scared it may cause issues.

My desktop was upgraded from Win 10 to Win 11, still have all older Wiin 10 drivers and all is working properly. Windows 11 64 bit Pro SSD drives. Cakewalk by BandLab and Studio One 4. I would dearly like to see some updates that solve these problems. They seem to be unique to the Dell XPS series. Perhaps I should not have assumed that XPS would be compatible with WIndows 11 for at least 12 months to give Dell time to produce drivers?

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Showing results for. Search instead for. This way, folders and subfolders can remain in the original position if preferred , or be moved to the WIP folder. If it’s not possible, it’s ok! OmezamenoKoucha wrote: What I wanted to say is that some subfolders e. Izack wrote: Hi all! Wow, many thanks for your answer. It is very clear and enlightening! I don’t use neither NightysWolf’s nor Xelandis’ models not the latter ones anymore , because I ported FFXV models myself, but your example has been really constructive.

I’m going to adjust folders and subfolders this way. Sorry for misunderstanding your previous answer. Thanks for taking your time to write the above!

Hi XNAaraL, thanks for answer. Yes I export the model in. I always use the latest version of xps, its not 6 years old hahah P. Wow awesome. I still hope for a principle render material will be add to support rendering human skin Haha. Subsurface scattering is a mechanism of light when penetrating an object or a surface. Instead of being reflected, like metallic surfaces, a portion of the light is absorbed by the material and then scattered inside.

Many materials in real life have subsurface scattering such as skin or wax. XPS The menu items in the “Shader” menu will be added. XNAaraL wrote: ngovandang wrote: Wow awesome. I made sure that it could be used for anything.

My heart is full of joy that a new version of XPS was released. Thank you so much XNAaraL. I cannot wait for new versions. XNAaraL wrote: Thanks a lot. Which features do you want for the next version? Unfortunately, it is impossible to deal with the programs sold to such high amounts. Now I’m trying to learn how to use the blender program. However, I hope to share new versions occasionally. I wish you a good day. Just asking but in future updates do you plan on improving XPS shadows?

There is nothing wrong but defaultly XPS not taking the shadow of transparency material correctly I mean I ve created a square mesh and applied a lenflare on it but the shadow taking a black square, not the lenflare and it alpha. Both default shadow and advanced shadow have the same problem like that.

Just ask if possible. Gerasimov wrote: Rendering to depth-only is very fast many GeForce FX GPUs have double-speed “depth-only” rendering features , so it requires minimal overhead, even in low-overdraw situations. Transparent objects are not rendered in the depth-only pass, because transparent objects do not update the depth buffer. Do you think that I forgot who you are and what happened? I am still talking because I love this but I start thinking this becoming shit not because of people but right because of the creator.

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