Jamie Sabo

My heart, my credentials and my approach.

My heart: We were created to know others and be known by others – the desire is just hardwired into us.  Why is such an innate desire often so difficult to fulfill?  We are all broken and flawed in some ways and that can get in the way of having the secure relationships we long for.  I feel honored when people allow me to see their brokenness and flaws, to bear witness to the way they have been hurt and have hurt others.  Somehow, when people’s vulnerability is met with acceptance, over time a secure relationship is built.  My heart is to be one who holds a safe space for you to be vulnerable and allow you to experience my acceptance.  Part of the beauty of therapy is to experience that secure relationship with a counselor which will help you create secure relationships outside of therapy.

My credentials: I am an LCPC and have been a licensed counselor since 2016 after graduating from Wheaton Graduate School with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2015.  Through the years, I have enjoyed serving people of all ages who have a variety of struggles.

My approach: Truly, it depends.  For children, I use play therapy which can look different for different ages.  Rather than talking about abstract feelings and thoughts the way adults can, they communicate through their play. For adolescents and adults, it depends more on personality and specific type of struggle.  The course of treatment is decided together as we meet and talk about what might be the best fit for you.  By and large, I am an eclectic therapist and lean heavily on Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapies.   I want to give you the skills on how to have more balanced emotions and  go to the depths with you to change old, fixed, negative-core beliefs that are not serving you and replace those with beliefs that are more truthful and honoring of who you are.

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