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I came to you 1 year ago, broken and unloveable, on my way to self destruction.  I came to you after acknowledging I had a prescription narcotic addiction, had never dealt with my history of rape, self harming, and on the verge of suicide.  I hated who I was and what I had become.  I felt there was nothing that could ever redeem me.
In this year since finding you, I have 1 yr clean and sober ( from ALL substances), have stopped thinking my rape was my fault, came to understand why I was cutting, but best of all…. I actually like who i am now!  Whenver I pass a mirror now, I no longer see the monster I use to see, I now see a loving, happy, kind, honest, STRONG, woman and mother!
I hate to think of what could have happened to myself and kids had I not found your gentle, yet firm, understanding without judgement, and insightful without being demeaning manner! You gave me tools, not just to survive, but to live by!
I have come so far in the last year with your guidance, love, support and patience!!  I cant thank you enough for helping me to learn how to live again!  I can now handle the challenges of life without losing or devaluing myself!  The words unlovable and hopeless are no longer part of my vocabulary!!
Thank you Lisa,
Blessed and Grateful
from Peoria, IL

I cant even begin to express how much our meeting lifted my spirits.  Ive felt so defeated by all of this, and although I’m usually pretty good at problem solving without a professional, I’ve practically been screaming for helfpsince December.  The quality of help you gave…it makes me feel like I’ve been going to McDonald’s and was just introduced to a 5 star restaurant.  It was amazing.  I’ve only met with 2 other professionals, one as  precautionary after I finally came out of my post partum depression and she wouldnt give me any advice.  She wanted to listen, which was fine, but I wanted help.  The only advice she gave me out of all our meetings was to create a “honey do” list for my husband, so I wouldnt get so aggravated with him for not helping.  The 2nd time with my son, at our first meeting, he adamantly told me that ADHD could not be fixed with diet and completely scoffed at any ideas that would help in any way.  He even went so far as to tell me that sugar had absolutely no negative effect on children.  Im not trying to put down your peers, its just, i thought that was the norm.  I knew you’d be amazing , but you really blew me away… Thank you so much.

Client from Iowa

I started seeing Lisa after the still birth of my first child.  Needless to say I was beyond devastated and did not know how I was ever going to go out in public without having panic attacks.  My sister found Lisa’s Psychology Today Profile and suggested I go to see her. I am so happy I made the decision to call and schedule an appt.  Lisa has made a huge difference in my life.
I needed someone with a soft heart and strong spirit to listen and try to understand what I had gone through.  She gave me exactly what I needed.  She is strong, kind, smart and honest.  Not only did she make me feel better for how I was currently handling my situation, she also discussed how it will continue to effect me for the rest of my life recognizing I was suffering with PTSD.  She was able to give me back the strength and confidence to return to everyday living.  I honestly can say that if it were not for Lisa, I would not be where I am today.  I am back at work and have a great son.  She gave me the strength, encouragement, hope and support I needed to get back to “me” and I will be forever grateful.

J in Peoria, Illinois

Client from Iowa

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