Kelly Sisson

There are times in life that we find ourselves stuck, not sure what our next step is. We are unsure how to heal from a deep wound, or how to change our behaviors, or how to have a difficult conversation, or how to build a life that is peaceful or joyful. In therapy, I help you find ways to get “unstuck” and help you move forward in a meaningful direction.

My approach is warm, connected, and down-to-earth. I treat both children and adults with a variety of experiences and needs. My background involves working with individuals, families, and couples. Many of my clients have a history of trauma, or they may be facing the loss of a loved one, big life transitions, anxiety, depression, stressful work environments, ADHD, relational conflicts, or low self-esteem.

I believe in taking a collaborative approach to therapy, and I find it very important to tailor therapy to the needs and preferences of my clients. I enjoy being creative in the ways that we will work towards therapeutic goals – utilizing a wide range of therapeutic modalities to do so. I enjoy aiding clients in defining and designing goals and approaches that will work for your unique life. I take a holistic approach, and believe in prioritizing mental, physical, emotional, relational and spiritual well-being – as all of these are interconnected.

In our work together, I will assist you in finding relief, self-acceptance, positive change, and real growth by building on your strengths and providing you the space to express your vulnerabilities. I believe that the therapeutic relationship itself is one of the most valuable tools there is to help you feel seen, heard, and supported. I am passionate about helping clients feel understood and accepted by someone who cares.

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