Anxiety can interfere with living a fulfilling life, whether you are constantly worried about the future and imagining worst case scenarios, or you find yourself thinking about mistakes you may have made in the past.  Anxiety manifests itself physically, and when the body’s alarm system is constantly firing off,  it’s difficult not to think something may really be seriously wrong.  Therapy can teach you about this vicious cycle, and help you learn ways to identify the symptoms, as well as the thinking patterns and behaviors that reinforce it. Out highly skilled team can also teach techniques to cope with the anxiety and help to calm you down in the moment.

For anxiety disorders such as OCD, panic attacks, phobias, and social anxiety,  we can develop a highly structured  plan to help you make progress in a goal-oriented way. The earlier we intervene with anxiety disorders in particular, the better the chance is for a rapid recovery. Our goal for you is healing and wholeness.  For some  people, these disorders are a lifelong battle and recovery is ongoing. To this end, we provide specific supports to promote coping and maintenance throughout treatment and continue treatment for as long as it’s necessary.

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