Our Team

Lisa Schwab

I have been serving Central Illinois for nearly 20 years as a therapist and community leader. In 2012, I was honored to be chosen by IBI Magazine as a recipient for a Forty Leaders Under 40 Award for my service and for dedication to helping children and families. More recently I was honored to be […]

Jason Davis

I believe counseling is a collaborative process that’s rooted in a supportive, therapeutic relationship. I focus on creating a sense of safety and trust that allows for exploration of vulnerabilities, recognition of strengths/weaknesses, and increasing insight into your patterns of thinking and behavior.

Kyle Pearson

We all want intimacy and intimacy is a risky endeavor. Navigating risk in relationship shakes us to the core and can be made more complicated by the reactions of our loved ones. In therapy we’ll pay attention to the treasure trove of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that occur as we risk growth and connection with […]

Jamie Sabo

My heart, my credentials and my approach. My heart: We were created to know others and be known by others – the desire is just hardwired into us.  Why is such an innate desire often so difficult to fulfill?  We are all broken and flawed in some ways and that can get in the way […]

Maddie Wolfe

Deciding to take the first step towards growth and healing can be intimidating, and it takes courage and bravery to begin this process. I believe that everyone deserves to have a space of safety and support where they can explore their strengths, vulnerabilities, and life experiences free of judgment or criticism. This can be done […]

Marissa Brown

Navigating through life and all of its challenges can sometimes be difficult to do alone. Therapy can help to provide a roadmap towards achieving your goals and give you the skills to address any road blocks you may encounter along the way. I believe that therapy is a useful tool for all of us to […]

Sara Mol

She believes that everyone has the capacity to grow and heal when provided with adequate support and connection. She strives to tailor treatment to each clients unique needs and to honor each client’s strengths. She believes in guiding clients to their own inner strengths and resources to help them build Hope and resilience, using a […]

Austin Lair

I believe counseling is an artform that can help individuals learn, overcome, and grow from any experiences that may be impacting them in day to day life. I seek to assist individuals with this journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth by providing them a safe, supportive, and empathetic environment for them to explore their thoughts […]

Kelly Sisson

There are times in life that we find ourselves stuck, not sure what our next step is. We are unsure how to heal from a deep wound, or how to change our behaviors, or how to have a difficult conversation, or how to build a life that is peaceful or joyful. In therapy, I help […]

Amy Wynkoop

I believe people have the power to change and that therapy can be beneficial in helping with that change. Each of us has inherent worth and value. Sometimes that value and worth gets hidden amongst the struggles of life. I aim to help you uncover and discover or re-discover the worth and value you have. […]

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